Currently living in Geneva – Switzerland – where he came across all the elements that would eventually build his personality, Daniel Maszkowicz (born Daniel Siemaszko) is at the same time a research scientist, a curator for independent cinema, and a pluri-disciplinary performer. His artistic career took off with a performative conference about noise music with strong scientific focus called Conférence Noise. Having worked at CERN – European Center for Nuclear Research – he collected numerous field recordings from the fantastic machines he come accros by wandering in the laboratories and abandoned tunnels. His collaboration with artist Emma Souharce resulted in a massive installation of primitive analogue electronics called Biblioteq Mdulair, which consists in an immersive hypnotic music created by an orchestra of obsolete laboratory function generators, often combined with analogue video modular synthesiser Synkie for an audiovisual analogue symbiosis. His solo project Générateurs makes use of SuperCollider for multichannel soundscape – from quadriphonic sound system to acousmonium installation – but also audiovisual live creations and action noise performances in collaboration with several visual and sound artists. Daniel Maszkowicz presented his work internationally and contributed to numerous soundtracks and publications.
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